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How to be a great Manager in Recruitment

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​So you’ve proven yourself to be an exceptional Recruitment Consultant, and have been promoted to the role of Recruitment Manager. Woohoo! Congratulations…now what?

While you may have excelled as a lone wolf Recruitment Consultant – generating new business and consistently out-billing your colleagues, there’s no denying that managing your team’s performance is an entirely different ball game. In fact, recent statistics reveal that 44% of newly promoted Managers feel unprepared for the role.

With this in mind, we show you how to be a great Recruitment Manager who leads their team from the front to new heights!

How to be a great Manager in Recruitment

A Recruitment Manager works closely with a team of Consultants to manage recruitment processes for their clients. To be successful in this role, Recruitment Managers should not only have experience of running their own profitable desks, but also some key leadership and team management

Fortunately for our Recruitment Consultants here at Search, there are multiple opportunities to work with some exceptional Managers who not only support and mentor where necessary, but also know when to get out of the way and allow their team to shine.

In addition to learning more from the Search’s great Recruitment Managers, read on to find out how you yourself can become a great Recruitment Manager:

Teach your team to walk before trying to run

If you spend enough time with your team, lead by example and teach your new Recruitment Consultants the basics of recruitment well, you will help them understand how to run their desk themselves. Set them up for success from the beginning by giving them the right building blocks and training, the right time management skills and exhibiting the right behaviours yourself. To find out more about how to do this, click here.

Manage people as individuals

Consultants are individuals, meaning there is no one size fits all to managing your team. What works for one individual may not work for another, so learn to understand the differences in people, and differences in their learning styles. Spend enough time with them one-to-one so that you are able develop a real understanding and rapport, and be human to their needs. Only then can you work with them individually.

Give Consultants autonomy to own their workload and results

Once your team is fully clued up on their KPIs, you should empower them to claim ownership of performance, without them feeling micromanaged. Recruiters must feel confident about driving the hiring process, and in order to facilitate this, a Recruitment Manager must be on hand to offer
advice where needed, yet motivate and empower their team to seal the deals themselves.

If you teach your consultants how to own their business relationships and recruiting processes, you will enable them to develop defined goals tied to their respective career paths. The result of this can be very rewarding, and will help to retain recruiters in a competitive landscape.

Be consistent yet adaptable in an ever-changing industry

Any Recruitment Manager will testify that hiring plans can change at the drop of a hat! Business goals and priorities can shift and backfill expectations can be unclear, which ultimately results in changing goals for your recruitment team. However, a Recruitment Manager must encourage their team to adapt to changing circumstances and find creative solutions to unpredictable problems.

Set realistic goals for your team

When setting goals for your team, it is important that they motivate the team: this means making sure that they are important to you, the business and crucially, the team and that there is value in achieving them. If you, your team or the business have little interest in the outcome of the goal, or they are irrelevant given the larger picture, then the chances of the required work being put in to achieve these are slim.

The very same is true of recruitment markets and patches. Give a consultant too broad a market and they will work that market sporadically and clumsily. It will be hard for them to be able to focus and the quality of their understanding, and subsequently their control of the market, will be poor.

Give your consultants a smaller, well-defined and more controllable market with clear goals and KPI’s and they will endeavour to find every opportunity, work every relationship and make it their own. Once they have done that, recognise and reward them appropriately, to encourage that pattern of behaviour in the future.


A great Recruitment Manager exhibits a perfect balance of organised management, combined with the collaborative leadership that inspires Recruitment Consultants to perform at an exceptional level, which in turn will ensure you and your team remain at the top of the leader board!

Got what it takes to be a great Recruitment Manager at #TeamSearch?

Here at Search, we are continuously on the lookout for talented Recruitment Managers who are passionate about the industry and delivering an exceptional service to both clients and candidates alike! If you would like to join #TeamSearch, simply click here.

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